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Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) will shape the future of land use in the metropolitan county up to 2035, along with identifying the new infrastructure (such as roads, rail, Metrolink and utility networks) required to achieve this.

The plan will be the overarching development plan within which Greater Manchester’s ten local planning authorities can identify more detailed sites for jobs and homes in their own area. As such, the GMSF will not cover everything that a local plan would cover and individual districts will continue to produce their own local plans.

Importantly, the GMSF will address the environmental capacity of Greater Manchester, setting out how the city enhances and protects the quality of the natural environment, conserving wildlife and tackling low carbon and flood risk issues, so that Greater Manchester can accommodate growth sustainably. Alongside the GMSF, also being developed is an integrated appraisal framework (including a strategic environmental assessment, sustainability appraisal, health impact assessment and equality impact assessment) to ensure the impacts of decisions are understood and the best policies agreed for Greater Manchester. The Plan will be published in July 2017 and become the Mayor’s plan in October 2017.

You can download the Trust's response to the Draft Greater Manchester Spatial Plan below.

About Cheshire Wildlife Trust's role as a planning and development consultee

Please note: the Trust only submits a public response on cases where we believe there is a risk of significicant adverse impact on wildlife or where there is a potential to create a net benefit for wildlife as a result of development.

As a non-Governmental body and independent charity, the Trust has no legal influence over the outcome of planning and development decisions, but our views are regularly considered by the relevant local planning authorities.


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