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Day 28 - 30 Days Wild

Posted: Wednesday 28th June 2017 by trustadmin

The pear tree

Pearaggedon, is it how it came to be known! A little melodramatic perhaps, but for three weeks, nearly two summers ago, our world (or front yard, to be more precise) became overrun with the fruit.

We knew we had a pear tree when we first moved in. You couldn’t really miss it. It stands hovering over the front drive, and you can’t get to the house without passing under it. But we didn’t know it was active. The first summer nothing happened. But at that time clearly, we never noticed that nothing had happened. Why would you? It was the year after, it really all kicked off.

I didn’t even realise the fruit was starting to grow until the first few dropped. I cleared them away, and then I looked up and saw the gathering armies at the end of the branches. It still didn’t register exactly what we were in for, but it didn’t take long for the full scale of the battle to become apparent!

Each morning we awoke to an ever growing carpet of pears. They descended from above with soft thuds. I’d clear them away, but by lunchtime there’d be more lying in their place. They were too bruised to eat, but even if they hadn’t been, there were far too many to consume.

Some sort of control was attempted. Pear chutney was made, enough to keep Chester in relish for years, but still they kept dropping. We were defeated. We got lazy, and left them to lie rotting on the ground, trying to avoid slipping on their mulchy remains every time we entered or left the house. Eventually, after all the pears had fallen I embarked on a mass clear up operation. Huge holes were dug in the garden. The pears were buried.

And then calm for a year.

This year - they’re back. But I am prepared. And it is this preparation that I’m putting forward as today’s ’30 Days Wild’ challenge. My pear picker has just arrived in the post. It’s basically a small bucket with a serrated rim. You dangle the fruit over the container, and use the edge to tempt the fruit off the tree. The whole thing is on a 4m extendable pole allowing you to reach right to the top of a tree. No pear is safe!

My friend has a fruit press, and lots of empty bottles from his home brew experiments. We’re going to turn this crop into cider (and maybe some juice for the kids too). I only have one worry; we’re away in August for three weeks. If the pears get wind of this, they might plan their attack accordingly to coincide. Should I cancel the holiday?

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