The Meres & Mosses Living Landscape

Meres & Mosses LandscapeMeres & Mosses Landscape

The Meres and Mosses area across South Cheshire, West Wales, Shropshire and Staffordshire holds a wonderful group of wetlands created during the last Ice Age.

Mere and Mosses Living Landscape

Cheshire Wildlife Trust is working in south Cheshire as a partner in two landscape scale projects: the Meres and Mosses Landscape Partnership Scheme (LPS) and Nature Improvement Area (NIA). These programmes complement each other and are being delivered by a partnership of 10 organisations from the charitable, statutory and local authority sectors.

The Meres and Mosses Landscape Partnership Scheme

The Heritage Lottery Funded Landscape Partnership Scheme is focusing on delivering improvements for conservation, raising awareness of the landscape of the project area, engaging communities, improving access and providing opportunities for people to learn skills associated with the landscape. The education centre at Bickley Hall Farm was partly-funded from this scheme. The LPS programme will run until November 2017. to find out more. 

The Meres and Mosses NIA

The NIA is a Defra funded programme, one of only 12 selected in 2012 from over 70 applications. It is focused on making better places for nature, people and communities. By improving and protecting core sites, and connecting them by restoring the wetland habitats in and around them, we can build stepping stones across the landscape the high quality habitats of which provide both better conditions for wildlife and the capacity for species to move from one core site to another. The NIA helped fund the Trust’s restoration of our nature reserve at Blakenhall Moss. The core funding for the NIA programme ended in March 2015, but the programme of works will run until at least 2020.

The Meres and Mosses Business Environment Network

In 2014 a business network for the meres and mosses natural area was set up. The networks objectives are to bring together organisations from across the Meres and Mosses area to share best practice and demonstrate their commitment to environmental best practice. If your business is interested in finding out more visit

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