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Danes Moss reserve challenge

Danes Moss is Cheshire’s largest lowland raised bog and one of the UK’s most scarce and threatened habitats.

Joe Pimblett, Reserves Manager (Area East) looks after this Site of Special Scientific Interest, near Macclesfield.

 "It’s a real gem of a reserve, made up of woodland and heathland habitats and mire communities just teeming with wildlife.

A natural flood defence, the bog is alive with sphagnum moss supporting rare plant specieslike round-leaved sundew. One of my favourite things about this reserve is the assemblage of dragonflies, including the black darter, that thrive in its wet-land conditions.

It’s also great for common lizard or hobby, and if you’re really lucky you might see one of our fastest declining birds, the willow tit, which has made its home in the wet woodland.

In 2017 my challenge will be maintaining and enhancing this wetland habitat to make sure it remains special for people and wildlife.”

Joe's 2017 task list:-

• Clear birch and willow scrub to allow sphagnum mosses to grow
• Look after and extend dams and sluices to maintain water levels
• Repair or replace timber board walk

To help Joe with his tasks please make your donation here or call 01948 820728.