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Red Rocks reserve challenge

Red Rocks spans 45 hectares of coastal habitat between Hoylake and West Kirby with habitats ranging from salt marsh and newly forming dunes, to fixed dune grassland, scrub, and reed beds.

Matt Allmark, Reserves Manager (Area West), manages our coastal reserve at the mouth of the Dee Estuary.

“Over 230 types of plant have been found in its dunes, including rarities such as Wirral horsetail. It’s home to Europe’s rarest and probably loudest amphibian, the natterjack toad, whose springtime mating chorus is one of my wildlife highlights.

“t’s also an amazing place for birdlife – hundreds of winter waders like oystercatchers, knotand dunlin use it as a high tide roost site, and large numbers of migrant birds such as redwing, siskin and willow warbler have been recorded here.

Keeping the dune grassland diverse and valuable for wildlife requires constant management so maintaining existing habitats and restoring damaged ones will be a big challenge for me in 2017.”

Matt's 2017 task list

• Clear natterjack toad breeding pools of invading vegetation
• Cut and re move grass and gorse from mature dunes
• Monitor natterjack toads by counting spawn strings and weighing adult toads

To help Matt please make your donation here or call 01948 820728.