Water vole life

Water vole, Nantwich (c) Richard SteelWater vole, Nantwich (c) Richard Steel

Water vole social life

  • Water voles live in colonies, made up of a series of adjoining territories along a riverbank.
  • Colonies can be up to 2km long.
  • Territories vary from 30 to 300 m long depending on the sex of the territory holder, the habitat quality, population density and time of year.
  • Male territories will often overlap those of several females.


  • Water voles follow a four hour activity pattern.
  • Underground they have a burrow system with some openings below water level some on the bank and these can be up to three metres from the water’s edge.
  • Above ground they create runways and tunnels through the vegetation which can be found up to two metres from the water’s edge.

Water Vole Calendar


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