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Planning Guidance

Here you'll find useful advice on tackling planning and development that might affect wildlife in your community.


Proposals are considered as a whole, taking in both short and long-term effects on biodiversity and the landscape

Cheshire Wildlife Trust handles planning applications according to the individual circumstances in each case. Proposals are considered as a whole, taking into account both short and long term effects on biodiversity and the landscape. The planning system requires the local planning authority to seek a net gain for biodiversity from every new development, and we expect/aspire to no exceptions to this.

We endeavour to keep a high profile in the planning system, working on large scale strategic planning, and development control. However we cannot respond to every small-scale planning application, so, if you know of a development proposal which has overlooked local wildlife, why not get involved? We have created some fact sheets to help you understand the planning process which are available for download.

For further information please contact our planning and policy officer at info@cheshirewt.org.uk or call: 01948 820728


Below you'll find factsheets with additional details on planning and development and how it may affect wildlife in your area - please consider looking through these before contacting our planning officer with any queries.


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