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Local Wildlife Sites - Search Enquiries

Cheshire Wildlife Trust can provide information on non-statutory Local Wildlife Sites (LWS) - also known as Sites of Biological Importance (SBI) or Sites of Interest for Nature Conservation (SINC) - in the form of a map (pdf format) showing all LWS locations, site names and boundaries within a search area/radius.

From 1 May 2015 the following rates apply. While the information from Cheshire Wildlife Trust itself is free, these rates cover the cost of supplying the information and administrating the Local Wildlife Site system.

LWS basic search

£50 + VAT minimum search fee per enquiry (or £70 + VAT per hour for complex search requests)
Enquiry results map (pdf) showing names and locations of all LWS within the search area.

LWS detailed search

£80 + VAT minimum fee per enquiry (or £100 + VAT per hour for complex search requests).

Enquiry results map (pdf) showing names and locations of LWS, designated sites and priority habitats within your search area.  A table listing LWS site name, location and reason for designation.

LWS citations

£25 + VAT per LWS within search area
Boundary map and brief description for each LWS including reasons for designation.

LWS file information

Up to £65 + VAT per LWS within search area
Detailed habitat and species information where available, depending upon data quantity and quality.

To submit an enquiry, please download and submit the Information Request and Terms & Conditions Agreement to Andrea Powell at apowell@cheshirewt.org.uk

Please allow 10 working days from receipt of the signed terms and conditions agreement for this information. A surcharge of up to 100% may be levied for urgent requests. Other information may be supplied by agreement and will be priced accordingly.

For species data the local biodiversity records centre, RECORD should be contacted http://www.record-lrc.co.uk/