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How you can enjoy our Marvellous Meadows

Brimstone butterfly c. Amy LewisBrimstone butterfly c. Amy Lewis

Meadows are marvellous. They are a vital habitat for many of our region’s species, whilst being important to our cultural background, as well as simply being beautiful sensory experiences for all to enjoy.

Here are some ways in which you can enjoy your marvellous meadows and grassland areas, no matter where you live:

Share the experience

  • Share your Marvellous Meadow experience using #OurMeadows
  • Read a few posts from our specialist blogger, Gowy D'Amus, to see how grassland Gowy Meadows changes throughout the seasons.

Get active

Take notice

  • Visit an area of grassland and take a moment to absorb the simple pleasures of the space. How many insects can you see? What can you hear? What do the flowers smell of? What does the grass feel like?


  • Identify the mysterious creatures that live within the meadowsminibeastsbeetlesbeesladybirdssnails and butterflies, just to name a few
  • Planning a trip away? Then why not take the opportunity to visit a meadow habitat at one of the many other reserves managed by Trusts across the UK? Really compare the grasslands with similar areas from home to understand the slight differences that make Our Marvellous Meadows so important to conserve.


  • Actively help conserve habitats within our region whilst acquiring new skills, getting some exercise, learning about wildlife and socialising with likeminded people. Become a volunteer with Cheshire Wildlife Trust.
  • Join over 13,000 people in our region who help protect your local wildlife, by becoming a member of Cheshire Wildlife Trust. 

Illustrations by Somewhere Off Grid