Corporate membership

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is a perfect way to show how much your business values the environment, the local community, and your staff.

We have a range of membership packages tailored to suit any business, with benefits including:

Building your profile with our 13,000 supporters across Cheshire

Team building, training, and wellbeing activities for staff

Unique sponsorship and networking opportunities

Subsidised Cheshire Wildlife Trust membership for your staff or customers

For once public, press and politicians are all agreed: the environment is a precious and fragile resource. We all have a responsibility to look after the environment and it makes good business sense. Reducing energy and raw materials benefits the bottom line as well as the planet.

Supporting Cheshire Wildlife Trust shows that your company recognises a commitment to the environment is a cornerstone of any modern, competitive business. It’s a cost effective way to send a positive message to your customers, staff and suppliers.
Felicity Goodey CBE
Cheshire Wildlife Trust president and leading north west businesswoman


To find out how your business would benefit from working with us contact Jo Darlington at or on 01948 820728