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Video Series

It is estimated that the total area of all the gardens in the UK covers more land than all nature reserves combined. Even in our cities, about one quarter of the land is devoted to gardens. As such, there is huge potential for change if we get the management of these spaces right.

At the moment 15% of UK species are at risk of going extinct. Two of the biggest causes of this are habitat loss and the breakup of nature. Our wild spaces are becoming increasingly fragmented as we carve them up with roads divide them with developments. In essence, our gardens are now vital stepping stones that help nature move from one green space to the next. 

The problem is, most UK gardens are not fit for wildlife. We’ve obliterated their biodiversity and removed many of the key ingredients that are essential for species to thrive there. The worst part is many of us don’t realise we are doing this.

In response to this, we are launching a video series that shows you just how easy it is to make you garden wildlife friendly. Each month, we will be suggesting one small change you can make to help provide vital habitats for some of our wild friends. Our individual actions might now seem like much but, when our effort are combined, we have the power to transform a vast area of land. 

What we are asking you to do, is let nature back into your garden. Make that one small change every month and play your part in putting nature on the road to recovery. 

In these challenging times our work will still continue to defend local wildlife

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