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Wildflower space submissions

Terry Whittaker

Send us a photo of a space that could be great for wildflowers and its location! We need your help to create more space for nature...

Just like we need roads to connect our towns, nature needs corridors to connect one wild space to the next. Our road verges, village greens, and parks are all spaces that could become part of this wildflower network.

We want to identify new spaces for wildflowers in our region. Photos submitted by you will allow us identify and to protect places that are amazing for wildlife. We can also give advice of how you can get your council to manage the spaces around you for wildflowers. 

The UK has over 300,000 miles of road verges so, if we can get them all managed in the right way, we could create insect highways right across the country!

Red – in need of improvement

Yellow – partly beneficial for wildlife

Green – beneficial for wildlife

Purple – potential Local Wildlife Site

Grey – under review

This map is manually updated, submissions will not appear until they have been reviewed.

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Cheshire Wildlife Trust would love to keep in contact with you about the local work of the Trust and the other ways you can get involved. You can updated the way you hear from us by emailing info@cheshirewt.org.uk or calling 01948 820728. 
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