Big Garden Bee Count

Big Garden Bee Count

Small garden bumblebee c. Claire Huxley

'Bee' part of something that counts

Saturday 9th June and Sunday 10th June

Please support our campaign to create more space for pollinators in Cheshire

Bees and other pollinators such as moths and butterflies have lost much of their habitat in the past 60 years, including 99% of wildflower meadows in Cheshire. They’re also under fire from pesticides and intensive agriculture.

As your local Wildlife Trust, we’re ideally positioned to take practical action to help them. In fact, we already do lots of work across our reserves to restore and improve habitat for these vital species, including at Swettenham Meadows and Bickley Hall Farm.

We've also teamed up with RECORD, the local Biological Records Centre to produce a bumblebee atlas for Cheshire. 

Save the date

On Saturday 9th June or Sunday 10th June, we want as many of you as possible to take part in our Big Garden Bee Count and to report what type of bees you've seen in Cheshire on that day.

Don't worry if you don't know a honeybee from a bumblebee - there are some handy bee identification sheets, kindly supplied by RECORD, to help which you can download from a links at the bottom of this page.

How to submit your records

Sending your sightings is really simple - we just need to know what you've seen, where you've spotted it and when.

Just complete this online form below to submit your sightings to RECORD. 

Submit your sightings