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Nature Gifts - adopt a species: Your question's answered

What will I get in my pack?  Your pack includes: presentation box, welcome letter (you can choose to include a personalised gift message), thank you certificate, 4-page fact file, car sticker, cuddly toy or book, stickers are also included for children. NB. The presentation box size is 31cm x 23cm x 7cm.

Will I be adopting an individual animal/can I see my adopted animal? By purchasing your adoption pack, you are directly helping to support our conservation projects which benefit those species in Cheshire. Your funds will only spent by Cheshire Wildlife Trust in this region. We cannot dedicate an individual animal to you as we work with wild species.

Will I get an update? We'll update you at least once a year with the projects for the species you have adopted. If you provide your e-mail to us when you order, we can make sure you receive our most regular updates!

How long does my adoption last? Your adoption will last for a year, after which which we'll be in touch to ask if you'd like to continue supporting us with your adoption.

When will my pack arrive? We will dispatch your pack within 7 working days of receipt of your order. If you have an urgent requirement for a pack sooner than this, please contact us on 01948 820728.

Is postage included? Postage to mainland UK destinations is included in the cost of your pack.  We can (and often do) post our adoption packs to destinations outside of the UK if you cover the postage cost.  Please contact us info@cheshirewt.org.uk for a quote.



Any more questions? Please call us on 01948 820728 (Mon-Fri, 9.30am-4.30pm).