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Day 27 - 30 Days Wild

Posted: Tuesday 27th June 2017 by trustadmin

Making nettle tea

One thing I’ve learned from my ’30 Days Challenge’ is that the natural world is a lot more edible than I’d previously imagined!

I’m not sure I’m quite ready to start barbequing road kill yet but with a wild mushroom, (and almost a cherry), under my belt I wasn’t at all fazed by the idea of nettle tea. Besides, it was a chance to reacquaint myself with a former adversary, (see Day 9).

The idea was all the middle one’s. Over the past few months he’s happily been attending an after school club, where he’s been learning all about bush crafts. In other words, where my attempts to get him involved with the outdoors have struggled - the bush craft teacher’s have flourished. Apparently he’s much cooler than I am! He also lets them light fires, use knives and ends each session with a cup of hot chocolate, made over an open fire. My son comes home happy and stinking of smoke. Maybe there is a lesson to be taken from this.

A few weeks ago, he learned how to make nettle tea, and he told me that he thought this would make a good ’30 Days Wild’ challenge. Who was I to disagree? Any outside inspiration this far down the line is happily welcomed! We needed a recipe though, as he hadn’t really been paying too much attention during that session. We found one on the BBC website, which looked straightforward. It also promised the end product was great for dealing with hay fever. As various members of my family have been keeping me awake with their sneezing recently, I thought that nettle tea would be a good idea for everyone.

The middle one took the lead on this. He put on a pair of gloves, and braved the wild flower garden to pick nettles. He then plucked off the leaves, washed them, added water, and honey, and put them to boil. I even let him loose on the cooker. 15 minutes later it was ready. He poured the liquid into a jug and we left it to cool in the fridge.

It was met with muted approval at dinner time. It was generally considered an improvement on water, but would have been better with half a bag of sugar mixed in. They’re a tough audience my family. Mind you, they’ll all be thanking us in the morning after a good night of undisturbed sleep. 

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