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Day 29 - 30 Days Wild

Posted: Thursday 29th June 2017 by trustadmin


It’s been a busy day, and I’ve left myself very little time for a ’30 Days Challenge’. I had earmarked in a bit of cloud bursting, but it’s been nothing but overcast the whole day, with very little up there to burst! Clearly, as we’re also drawing to the close I’m running out of ideas, and I am determined not to go over topics I’ve already done. For all these reasons, I’m going back to last Saturday for my penultimate post. I hope that’s allowed in the rules!

We spent the weekend with some friends at their house in the Shropshire countryside, a few miles outside Telford. It was my first time outside the house for any length of time in five weeks, so I was understandably quite excited. As well as enjoying some great company and food, I even managed to hobble about a bit around the outhouses on their farm for a spot of bird watching, and got my first spotted flycatcher of the year as a reward.

When we arrived my friend told me how earlier in the day his cats had presented him with a dead pigeon. Its legs had been entwined with wire, and being immobile it hadn’t stood a chance against the felines. He also said that the bird had had three rings around its legs. My immediate fear was it might be a turtle dove, a bird that has become all too rare, and one that would possibly be of interest to conservationists. He had taken a photo which he showed me, and he immediately allayed my fears. It was a most definitely a pigeon of some sort.

A little while later as I shuffled around after the flycatcher in the farm buildings, I made a grim discovery; the legs of the pigeon, still bound with wire but now detached from the rest of the body. I picked them up to look at the rings. One had a phone number on it and a simple message, ‘if found, please call’.

My friend rang the number and spoke to an elderly gentleman who, though relieved to have news, was somewhat saddened by the passing of one of his homing pigeons. It put a bit of a downer on our day too.

It made me think that whether it be a cat, spotted flycatcher, or pigeon - how the company of living creatures enriches the lives of so many of us. It’s a precious thing, and one that we should never lose sight of.

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