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Day 30 - 30 Days Wild

Posted: Friday 30th June 2017 by trustadmin

A poem

Well I’ve made it, and am celebrating with a symbolic photo of a sunset.

For the final challenge I’ve accepted a suggestion from a few days ago, and written a poem.

For anyone who’s maybe reading this blog for the first time today, here is a summary in verse of what you’ve missed - so you won’t need to go through and read it all for yourself! Except you might, as this probably won’t make any sense.

If you have managed to read all the way through a post or two, many thanks, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Now go and enjoy another 335 days of wildlife until we can start all over again!

Testing my nerve with a nettle in hand.
Explaining to kids, things I don’t understand.
Dicing with death with a moorish morel.
Can I get more? Will my mushrooms grow well?
Checking the tadpoles, see how they’ve grown.
One water lily sprouts up on its own.
Cleaning up pigeon poo –how that stuff sticks.
Boys building birds, with attitude ‘n’ bricks.
Returning a baby bird back to his nest.
Kids on a nature walk - I take a rest.
Watching the swifts as they swish through the air.
Dipping for tadpoles –they’re no longer there.
Taking a ride on a bike in my head.
Burying a frog – pretty sure it was dead.
Looking at nature hung up on my wall.
Listening to bird songs – now what is that call?
Drawing up plans for the pears - this is war.
Counting up bees – maybe twenty or more.
Choosing some songs with birds in the title.
Naming a wild flower, patience is vital.
Studying ants as they clamber the tree.
Weeding out cleavers, they’re all over me.
What is that beast on a leaf? Not a tic!
Woodpecker on feeder, get over here quick.
Plan to eat cherry but birds get there first.
Fresh nettle tea is quenching our thirst.
Making some bird food to hang on the feeder.
Tracing a pigeon back home to its breeder.
Reading a magazine sat on my bum
Writing a poem. That’s it. Now I’m done! 

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