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5 ways your support will help local wildlife

We’re working on a landscape scale with partners and landowners along the river Gowy and in Delamere Forest to promote nature’s recovery in Cheshire. Your support will help us create more, bigger and better join up spaces where wildlife can thrive’

Today, just one in five children regularly experience nature and the outdoors. A generation ago, three quarters of us enjoyed the same opportunity. Your support lets us bring thousands of children from our urban communities closer to wildlife each year.

Nature reserves are the stepping stones in a landscape that’s often challenging for wildlife. With your help, we can look after almost 500 hectares (that’s about half the size of Delamere Forest) of land across more than 40 special places for nature from the Wirral to Macclesfield.

Wildlife sometimes needs a helping hand. Since 1996, we’ve led the way in bringing back creatures that have been lost from the region, like the hazel dormouse and more recently, the white-faced darter dragonfly. Your support will let us continue this work.

We can’t do it all on our own. That’s why we talk to landowners and developers to advise them on how to best manage their part of the Cheshire region for the benefit of wildlife, helping us to link together our nature reserves. This is what we call a Living Landscape.

Or why not visit or shop, become a wildlife-friendly gardener or volunteer?