Love your Local Estuaries

Adult grey seal in the surf (c) Tom MarshallAdult grey seal in the surf (c) Tom Marshall

Cheshire Wildlife Trust is working with partners across the Dee estuary to improve water for wildlife.

The wildlife in our estuaries relies upon clean, unpolluted water flowing off the land but recent data suggests our local rivers are not as healthy as they should be. Cheshire Wildlife Trust Living Landscape schemes such as the Gowy and Mersey Washlands, Delamere and Dane Valley work with landowners to improve local water quality through sensitive land management.

The Love my Estuary project, funded by Defra’s 2015-16 Catchment Partnership Action Fund has enabled the Trust to focus around the Dee estuary and raise awareness amongst local people about what we can all do to help improve local water quality and therefore, help our estuary wildlife thrive. By collecting further data, visiting landowners and producing simple advice sheets the Love my Estuary project aims to influence actions that will create a healthier Dee estuary.

Following on from Love my Estuary 2015-16, Cheshire Wildlife Trust secured additional money from the Environment Agency's Trac Funding, allowing surveys to be conducted during 2016-17 across Balderton Drain, a sub catchment of the Tidal Dee. With a wealth of survey data for the catchment, the winter of 2017-18 saw additional funding from the Environment Agency for Cheshire Wildlife Trust to work directly with landowners across the Tidal Dee Catchment, delivering interventions to improve water quality.

From what you put down the sink, to how we manage our land and run our businesses, the new advice pack offers support on how you can do your bit for local wildlife.

The aim of the advice pack was to bring together a wide range of information for a range of stakeholders together in one place. The advice sheets are deliberately unbranded to encourage dissemination by any Catchment Partnership and stakeholders. Most advice sheets can be printed and disseminated without any changes because they contain generic information. If minor changes are needed (e.g. contact details) the Tidal Dee Catchment Partnership give permission for other Catchment Partnerships and stakeholders to make those amendments. Minor alternations can be made using Adobe Photoshop. The advice sheets form the beginning of a potentially larger advice pack, the Tidal Dee Catchment Partnership encourages other Catchment Partnerships and stakeholders to add to the pack. Additional advice sheets can be created by an organisation using Adobe InDesign and the advice sheets below as a template to work from, or, employing a graphic designer to do so. All the fonts, colours and artwork in the documents below are fully editable using Adobe InDesign.

Download your own advice sheets below or get in touch with the Trust for a printed pack.

South Wirral Dee estuary local river maps: