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Fracking Update

Friday 11th May 2018

The recent legal case in Scotland between INEOS and the Scottish government has been in the news, and we’d like to thank our members and supporters for bringing this to our attention.

The Wildlife Trust movement has recently strengthened its policy on fracking in light of new climate change evidence, and this revised policy was adopted by Cheshire Wildlife Trust in April 2018.

Any new corporate partnerships and funders will be assessed in relation to this new policy and we are also currently reviewing our existing partnerships with this in mind.

Historically some Cheshire Wildlife Trust projects have received support through a local Landfill Community Fund into which INEOS contributed.

How the Landfill Communities Fund works
Landfill operators based in England are required to pay landfill tax to HM Revenue & Customs on every tonne of waste that they dispose of in a landfill site. The Landfill Communities Fund is a tax credit scheme which 'offsets' some of the negative impacts of living in the vicinity of a landfill site for affected communities.

Under the fund, landfill operators, such as INEOS, pay a proportion of their landfill tax liability into a grant pot which not-for-profit organisations delivering projects for the benefit of communities and the environment in the vicinity of a landfill site can apply to.

The INEOS landfill tax scheme, regulated by ENTRUST, is open to any community group working near their operations and is not an exclusive partnership with Cheshire Wildlife Trust. Funds are awarded through a bidding process and Cheshire Wildlife Trust has been success in receiving small amounts of funding through this route. The last funding was received in 2015. The fund is now largely defunct due to the winding up of local operations.