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Natural Futures: What our volunteers say

Delamere Mosses group_Tom MarshallDelamere Mosses group_Tom Marshall

A few words from some of our volunteers...

Cheshire Wildlife Trust provided me with a fantastic opportunity and were really supportive throughout. The experience I gained was a big contributing factor to getting my new role with Save the Rhino! Susie Phillips, Access Particpant

Peter Lennon:

"Since working on the Delamere Meres and Mosses project I have noticed a great deal of camaraderie within the volunteers. We all work well together, have a laugh, as well as contribute to a worthwhile project."

Anne Salisbury:

“Although I have only been volunteering for a short time I would just like to say I am enjoying it immensely, the difference it’s making to habitat areas and meeting new people and learning all the time. The training has been excellent especially the Mossland Surveying, which I am now involved with. For anybody who enjoys being outside I would definitely recommend volunteering.”

Jack Riggall:

"I'm glad to be joining these surveys as they are an opportunity to boost my currently limited botanical knowledge; spending time in one of the UK's rarest habitats is also a real gem, so long as I don't sink!"

Phil Woollen:

"Undertaking survey work of this kind makes me feel I’m contributing something back to the hobby I’ve enjoyed for the last 45 years as well as doing something positive to try and ensure the quality of our countryside is maintained for my children and grandchildren to enjoy."

Volunteering for the Trust means working in some of the most beautiful parts of Cheshire and the opportunity to get close to the birds and wildlife in the area. Peter Snape

John Roberts:

"Volunteering with like-minded people is highly enjoyable from the social aspect and I have been fortunate to make several friends on the project to share a laugh with. I hope that the project can continue well into the future."

James Aycliffe:

"As a fairly recent graduate I found volunteering on the Gowy Connect Project really valuable. It enabled me to expand my skillset and I met some fantastic people. I found the practical tasks enabled me to put theory into practice and apply some of the things I’d learnt whilst at University.

"My time spent on the Gowy Connect Project stood me in good stead and I managed to secure a job with in the conservation sector this year thanks in part to some of the experience I gained whilst volunteering with CWT"

Mike Roberts:

"I look forward to volunteer days. The eclectic group of people who meet on a regular basis to assist with the tasks that need to be carried out find satisfaction in the knowledge that they are helping to protect and enhance the wildlife of Cheshire. There is a real feeling within the group that we are achieving something that future generations will appreciate. Every volunteer day allows the group to use the ‘outdoor gym’ and provides a good venue for a bit of socialising."

We want to adapt a successful approach with our audience, to quantify activity levels, improve wellbeing and employability skills while helping out the local environment at the same time