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Species Action Plans

The plans are divided up into the following sections:


Birds                                    Herptiles                          Mammals

Barn Owl                                 Great Crested Newt            Atlantic Grey Seal

Black Necked Grebe                Natterjack Toad                 Bats

Farmland Birds                        Adder                                  Brown Hare

Spotted Flycatcher                   Slow-worm                         Dormouse

                                                                                           Harvest Mouse



                                                                                           Small Cetaceans

                                                                                           Water Vole 



Bees & Wasps                             Ringlet     

Belted Beauty                              Sandhill rustic

Club-Tailed Dragonfly                 Small pearl-bordered fritillary

Depressed River Mussel             Spotted yellow/black leaf beetle

Dingy skipper                              Variable damselfly

Downy emerald                           White-clawed crayfish

Lesser silver water beetle           White letter hairstreak

Mud snail



Black Poplar                               Mackay's Horsetail

Bluebell                                      River Water-crowfoot

Isle of Man Cabbage                  Rock Sea-lavender

Ivy-leaved Water-crowfoot


Data is currently being transferred from the Cheshire region Biodiversity Partnership and information will be available here soon. If you have any urgent enquiry please contact sbennett@cheshirewt.org.uk