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Archived Action Plans

What is an archived action plan?

A number of Species Action Plans have been archived. Archived status means that the plan is no longer active in the Cheshire region. Species Action Plans are archived when there is no longer any achievable local species-specific action. Opportunities to maintain, restore and expand potential habitat will still be considered through the relevant habitat action plan for each species. Records of each species will be collated and monitored and the plan may be reactivated if their local status changes significantly. If you have seen any of the species listed in the Cheshire region please pass your information to RECORD. A species statement for each archived plan has been produced giving an introduction to their ecology, current status and known threats.

The following plans have so far been archived:


Allis Shad and Twaite Shad
Leaf Beetle
Linyphiid Spider
Longhorn Beetle
Rove Beetle
Silver Studded Blue
Small Eggar
Stag Beetle
Thick-Legged Flower Beetle
White-Faced Darter

Data is currently being transferred from the Cheshire region Biodiversity Partnership and information will be available here soon. If you have any urgent enquiry please contact sbennett@cheshirewt.org.uk