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Planning and Policy

Planning & PolicyPlanning & Policy

New developments can create both threats and opportunities for local wildlife. Working with planning authorities and influencing local, regional and national planning policy is one of the Trust’s most important activities.

The planning system exists to control development, ensuring the right sort positive/favourable development occurs in the right location while preventing inappropriate planning.

Major developments in the Cheshire region

Planning for Cheshire’s Wildlife

Cheshire Wildlife Trust gives wildlife a voice by:

  • Responding to major development and infrastructure projects/strategic planning consultations, such as local Development Frameworks, Local Transport Plans, and Minerals & Waste Plans, to ensure the appropriate policies are in place to protect wildlife.
  • Commenting on planning applications where there is potential for significant negative effects to wildlife or where there are opportunities to secure and create new opportunities for wildlife.
  • Commenting on planning applications in which the proposed developments have the potential to harm or enhance the ecological network of Cheshire Wildlife Trust reserves, Local Wildlife Sites and statutorily protected sites.
  • Responding to developments which threaten habitats and species of conservation importance as listed on the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) and Cheshire Region BAP.
  • Providing advice to, and consulting with; planners, developers, consultants, members of the public and other key stakeholders.

Take a look at the Wildlife Trusts and the Town & Country Planning Association's new guide: 

The Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity planning guide, Planning for a healthy environment: good practice guidance for green infrastructure and biodiversity