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Dutton Farm Park

A mixture of wildflower meadows and woodlands alongside the River Weaver

Nestling below the imposing Grade II listed Dutton viaduct, Dutton Park nature reserve is looked after by the Trust in partnership with the Woodland Trust. The reserve’s many pools and ponds are remnants of the original Weaver navigation, and the new course of the river now meanders gently passed the reserve. Peregrine falcons have been known to use the viaduct as a vantage point, and kestrels and buzzards are regular visitors. The reserve’s habitats of wildflower meadows benefit from regular grazing by our Longhorn cows, and the ponds have had their fish removed to allow aquatic wildlife to flourish. The scrub along the reserve fringe plays host to several summer migrants including whitethroats and sedge warblers, whilst the strange ‘fishing reel’ call of the grasshopper warbler can also sometimes be heard on a warm summer’s evening.

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Reserve information

Acton Bridge
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Great for...
spring migrant birds
Best time to visit
Jan - Dec
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Open at all times
45.00 hectares
The reserve can be reached by walking along the public footpath adjacent to to the Weaver Navigation Canal from Acton Bridge.
Walking information
Trail run alongside the River Weaver (adjacent to the reserve) and through the woodland.
Dogs allowed
Grazing animals
Longhorn cattle
Reserve manager
Tel: 01948 820728