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Pumphouse Wood

A mixed deciduous woodland with a canopy of oak and a carpet of bluebells in the springtime

Pumphouse Wood is an isolated block of semi-natural broadleaved woodland surrounded by farmland. It covers approximately 6 acres. The canopy is dominated by ash and oak, with several scattered planted larch. The understorey is species rich and includes elm, hawthorn, elder, holly and rowan. The density and diversity of ground flora varies throughout the wood, but in areas where the canopy is open, nettle, bramble, rosebay willowherb and enchanters nightshade flourish. Elsewhere, stands of broad buckler fern and carpets of bluebell dominate. The wood provides valuable feeding and nesting habitat for woodland birds such as great spotted woodpecker, nuthatch, tree creeper, tit and finch species.


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Species and habitats

Grassland, Woodland

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Near Barnton,
Northwich in Vale Royal
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SJ 635 759
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2.40 hectares

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