A variety of habitats, including woodland, scrub, wet & dry heath, and grassland

Note - this is no longer a Cheshire Wildlife Trust reserve. The management of the site is now with the owners, the Prince Albert Angling Society.


Rudheath nature reserve is comprised of a mosaic of habitats, including wet and dry woodland, heathland, scrub and grassland.  Dry heath grows on sandy soils and is characterised by heather and European gorse.  Small areas of rabbit-grazed acid grassland are scattered amongst the dwarf shrubs.  The surrounding birch woodland grades in to wet woodland and has purple moor grass and sphagnum mosses at ground layer.  Low lying ground is found to the centre of the reserve, and grades outwards to the neighbouring mere.  Here several springs emerge and standing water gives rise to alder and willow carr.   An area of wet heath lies to the south of the reserve, and is dominated by heather and European gorse, with soft rush associated with the wetter regions.  A damp, species-rich hay meadow is found to the north of the reserve.  Its sympathetic management involves mowing late in the year, as this allows the wild flowers to set seed before being cut.  Species include marsh thistle, hard rush, iris, silverweed and mare’s tail.

Species and habitats

Grassland, Heathland, Woodland

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