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Very simply, we couldn't do what we do without volunteers.

Today, we have around 400 volunteers who give anything from a few hours to a few days each year to our projects across Cheshire - everything from answering the telephone with a friendly voice, to putting in the hard yards on our nature reserves for wildlife. Being a volunteer with us is a rewarding experience, with a chance to acquire more skills and meet new people. Without volunteers we could not deliver the valuable work we want to achieve for wildlife across our area. We value our volunteers in whatever amount of time and energy they can give to us.

How to get involved:

1) Have a look on our How to volunteer page  to see what activity you would like to participate in.

2) Complete and return a registration form using the link below or by contacting us. Don't forget to mention on the form what activity you would like to do.

3) We will then contact you to get you set up and send you our induction pack.

If you want to know more contact our volunteering team:

Call us on 01948 820728 or email

To read about our volunteer news and find out more click on our Go Wild Magazine:


Go Wild January 2016

Go Wild April 2016


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