Our nest camera...

Barn swallow c. Chris Gomersall/2020VISION

Our headquarters at Bickley Hall Farm are playing host to a new family of swallows – and even better we have managed to capture their antics on film!

We have, so far, followed their journey from brooding nest during the heatwave a couple of weeks ago, through to hatching.

Swallows brooding

On many of our films you will hear the chicks excited calls when their parents return to feed them.

Often seen as a celebration of Summer, swallows arrive from Africa in April, before starting their return trip in October. They build their nest from mud and straw under the eaves of houses or using ledges on farm buildings – making Bickley Hall Farm the perfect site!

Although similar to swifts and martins, swallows have a longer forked tail and delightful deep red throat, alongside their glossy blue/black head and body top, with off-white underside. Perfectly designed for efficient flight, they are able hunt insects on the wing.