Take action for hedgehogs during hedgehog awareness week!

Take action for hedgehogs during hedgehog awareness week!

Our hedgehogs are in trouble and they need our help!

Hedgehogs are the UK’s most loved mammal, which comes as no surprise to us! These night-time wanderers can be seen (and heard) snuffling about in your garden for beetles, worms, slugs, snails and caterpillars. 

While searching for these tasty snacks, a hedgehog can travel between 1-2km a night within a 20-hectare area. That’s a lot of walking for such tiny legs! 

However, our hedgehogs are in trouble. Their numbers have fallen by 30% in just over 10 years and there are now thought to be fewer than 1 million left in the UK. There are several reasons why they are struggling to survive in our human landscape: loss of habitat, lack of connecting habitats, road casualties, injuries and lack of food. 

They need our help! Connecting the gardens in your neighbourhood with a hedgehog highway, creating hedgehog houses and turning your garden wild to encourage their favourite food sources, are just a couple of ways to help our spikey friends.
Please visit our website for online resources to guide you in making your garden a heaven for hedgehogs and let us know if you see one! Don't forget, if you live in Stockport you can submit your hedgehog sightings to on our Wild Stockport webpage.