At your school

At your school

The Oaks Primary School c. Tom Marshall

We can come to you!

For those unable to benefit from a visit to our education centre or nature reserves, Cheshire Wildlife Trust can come to you. The Education Team can also offer a selection of school-based workshops - where we can bring environmental education sessions to the classroom and the school grounds.


Our fun and engaging activities cover a wide range of topics:

Pond dipping - The children will work in small groups collecting pond creatures and recording what they find. We will then study them in more depth on our big screen through a goose necked camera. 1½ hours. CL - KS1 & 2

Science Dragonfly Workshop (suitable for Yrs 5 and 6) – This workshop will look closely into the life cycle of Dragon and Damselflies (hopefully we will have seen some during the morning). The children will make a dragonfly on a stick to take home. 1 hour. CL - KS2 Science & Art.

Creatures of the Night Workshop – This workshop will look at which creatures inhabit the habitats at night. The children will learn about tracks and signs left by nocturnal animals. This will lead to barn owl pellet dissection. The children will make a bat hat or a clay hedgehog to take home. Half day. KS1 Science & Art

Minibeast Hunting – Using the farmland at Bickley Hall Farm the children will go on a minibeast hunt. They will search the grassland, hedges and trees using demonstrated collection techniques. 1 hour. KS1 & 2 Science. CL - KS1 & 2 Science.

Literacy outdoors - Throughout the seasons there are many opportunities to develop literacy skills outdoor. This session can include creating and telling stories and poetry inspired by the outdoor experience. A naturally framed piece of literature will be made to take home. Half day. CL – Literature.

Wild maths - Using the natural environment children will engage in a number of mathematical exercises to find out things like, how old a tree is, how tall a tree is, how we estimate wildlife populations in nature and how we use counting to help us identify species. Half day - CL Maths.

Natural art - Children will create many varied pieces of art using natural materials and the wonderful colours abundant in nature. Half day - CL Art.

Wild weather – The children will learn how to monitor and record weather conditions at school, become a weather forecaster for a day and look at how weather affects people and wildlife. Half day. CL - KS1 & 2 Geography.

Environmental Games – The environmental games session will reinforce the messages of the day and give the children a chance to apply what they have learnt in a fun way.

Trees throughout the seasons – The children will study the tress on their school grounds. They will learn how to identify them, work out how old they are why they are so important for wildlife and explore them through sensory activities and games. Half day session. CL - KS1 & 2. Science, Art, Maths and Literature.

Green Christmas - This session will be a celebration of Christmas and its place in the natural world. The children will learn about how Christmas can be made more environmentally sustainable. Make green gifts such as nest boxes and bird feeders, turn recycled Christmas cards into gift boxes, new cards and labels and make Christmas decorations from natural materials. Half day. CL - Art and design, Design and technology

We can also come to your school to deliver Forest School if you have a small area of woodland.

We are happy to develop workshops on request – simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

Cost: £175 for half a day delivery and £250 for a full day delivery.


For more information contact Rosie Mason: e-mail call 01948 820728.