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Our natural world is incredible

However it needs our help.

The UK is officially one of the most nature depleted countries on Earth. Over 40% of our precious plants, animals and fungi are disappearing, with 26% of our mammals at risk of being lost altogether. Insects face the greatest threat - with 41% at risk of extinction, it's the largest extinction event on earth since the dinosaurs.

If you join us this year you will: 

  • Plant 10 hectares of beautiful wildflower meadows for pollinators.
  • Plant 50,000 trees, increasing the resilience of our landscape.
  • Create 50 new ponds, and restoring 30 ha of floodplain grazing marsh.
  • Clear Himalayan balsam from 23km of watercourse.
  • Work to restore and recover populations of curlew, osprey, white-clawed crayfish and water vole and expanding our work on beaver reintroductions
  • Press for better policy and legislation and fight to get the best deal for wildlife in major developments like HS2.     

To thank you for your support

You'll receive:

  • A welcome pack bursting with local wildlife for you to explore.
  • Two copies of our membership magazine, Your WildLife every March and September.
  • Children also get their own welcome pack, with the family being sent four issues of Wildlife Watch magazine each year, full of WILD activities and fun facts to explore.
  • Regular e-newsletters to keep you updated on what amazing wildlife experiences are happening near you.
  • Invites to free member-only events including a welcome event.
  • Opportunities to join volunteer groups to meet like-minded people.
  • Plus, get 15% off at Cotswold Outdoor and discounts with other partners

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By joining Cheshire Wildlife Trust's fight for nature's recovery you will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with over 13,000 others like you across Cheshire, Halton, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Warrington and Wirral. Together you will:

Create more space for nature to thrive

We manage over 30 nature reserves across the region, ever improving them as safe havens for wildlife. We also use our expertise to advise landowners, farmers and councils on how to look after their land in the best way possible. Planting trees, reseeding wildflower meadows and reintroducing natural meanders into streams are just some of the ways we help each and every day. Cheshire Wildlife Trust also defend wildlife against unsustainable developments by responding to countless planning applications and lobbying the government to stop and rethink HS2.

Doing all this across our region of Cheshire, Halton, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Warrington and Wirral, as well as working in collaboration with neighbouring Trusts, we're in the unique position to be able to create the large scale networks needed for nature's recovery.

Provide natural carbon solutions

At sea, we fought for the Marine Act 2009: properly implemented it restores our most important carbon absorber and the wildlife that lives within it, including kelp and phytoplankton. For decades, Cheshire Wildlife Trust have pioneered carbon storing peatland restoration and sustainably managed woodlands and grassland meadows. 

Inspire thousands more people to take action for wildlife

For social change, we need 1/4 of society to care enough to take action - that's 500,000 people across our region. Each year we reach thousands of school children, volunteers, community groups and local businesses, building a passion and respect for the natural world. We give people opportunities they otherwise many not have to experience wildlife and give them the confidence they need to help nature on their doorstep. 

As a charity that receives no government funding, we are only able to keep up the fight for nature's recovery because of people like you.

Be part of nature's recovery today

Cheshire Wildlife Trust says enough is enough!

It's not too late to act

Be nature's recovery

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“The Wildlife Trusts play a very important part in protecting our natural heritage. I would encourage anyone who cares about wildlife to join them”
Sir David Attenborough
President Emeritus of The Wildlife Trusts

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