Nature for health and wellbeing

Nature for health and wellbeing

The natural world is the foundation of our health, wellbeing and prosperity

Evidence shows that a thriving, wildlife-rich environment benefits both physical and mental health. People with nature on their doorstep are more active, mentally resilient and have better all-round health. Every day, we are working to bring wildlife to more people, and more people to wildlife. Get involved and make socialising, volunteering and exercise in natural places central to your daily life.

Get involved

A study of Wildlife Trust volunteers showed that 95% of participants with low mental wellbeing at the start of volunteering reported an improvement in 6 weeks

5 ways to wellbeing

Be Active
Go outside for a walk or explore your nearest nature reserve

With the people around you, share your wildlife experiences

Do something to help your local place and the people that live there

Take Notice
Of the everyday wildness on your doorstep

Try something new outside

Things you can do