Sphagnum at Abbots Moss nature reserve c. Claire Huxley

Sphagnum at Abbots Moss nature reserve c. Claire Huxley

Abotts Moss_ Andrew Walmsley

Abotts Moss nature reserve c. Andrew Walmsley

Abbots Moss

A large area of acid bog with some areas of dry heath and bog pools


Delamere Forest, to the east of the A49
A static map of Abbots Moss

Know before you go

14 hectares

Walking trails

Please contact the Trust; research or special group visits can be arranged on request.


Sorry, this reserve is not accessible for those with limited mobility.


Guide dogs only
Assistance dogs only

When to visit

Opening times

Access onto the reserve is restriced by permit only

Best time to visit

All year round

About the reserve

Abbots Moss, with a peat base dating from around 7000 years ago, lies surrounded by Delamere Forest. The site is a superb example of a floating ‘schwingmoor’ bog, and is home to a number of delicate and specialised plants and wildlife, including the carnivorous sundew. As one of the few remaining remnants of this rare habitat in Cheshire, and a habitat that is easily damaged and difficult to safely negotiate, it has restricted public access. Comprising of 12 ha across Shemmy Moss and South Moss, a mosaic of bog pools, heath, sphagnum rafts and flora provide a haven for large numbers of dragonflies including four-spotted chasers. Green hairstreak butterflies are also found at Abbots Moss. There is also an impressive list of almost 150 spiders recorded on the moss.

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Special Site of Scientific Interest

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