Hunter's Wood

Hunter's Wood

Viburnum berries

Viburnum berries

Ancient Woodland at Hunter's Wood c. Claire Huxley

Ancient Woodland at Hunter's Wood c. Claire Huxley

Hunter's Wood

Hunter's Wood

A new woodland, regenerated from poor grassland.


Just north of Kingsley

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1 hectare

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Ground unsuitable for wheelchairs.


On a lead

When to visit

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Open at all times

Best time to visit

Spring to Summer

About the reserve

Originally planted in 1999, Hunter’s Wood is still an infant on woodland timescales. When the Trust purchased the site it was still rough pasture, and since then we have planted thousands of saplings of a variety of native trees. There are small fragments of ancient woodland to west, north and east of the site, including our own Warburton’s Wood nature reserve.

As the trees develop at Hunter’s they will form a living corridor between these fragments, allowing woodland creatures to move between them. We hope that the specialist plants normally only found in ancient woodlands will gradually colonise Hunter’s Wood, although this may take many years. The stands of young trees are separated by wide open glades, and a newly created pond looks like it has been there for decades.

Visitors can enjoy easy walking, with views across the River Weaver, and a stroll through Hunter’s Wood can be combined with a visit to the adjacent Warburton’s Wood.

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