Owley Wood

Bluebells at Owley Wood c. Victoria Kirby

Bluebells at Owley Wood c. Victoria Kirby

Owley Wood bench c. Claire Huxley

Owley Wood bench c. Claire Huxley

Owley Wood view

Owley Wood c. Claire Huxley

An ancient woodland with an abundance of bluebells in the spring.


Weaverham, Vale Royal

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6 hectares

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Not suitable for wheelchair users.


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Open at all times

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Spring to Summer

About the reserve

Owley wood is an ancient, semi-natural woodland on the steep banks of the River Weaver. The canopy is dense and dominated by ash, English oak and sycamore, with occasional sweet chestnut and birch. To the north, species usually associated with an understorey such as hazel and hawthorn are notable due to their excessive height and presence in the canopy. Woodland management has included the selective felling of the non-native sycamore. Where this has taken place, ground flora has become particularly dense in response to the increased levels of light reaching the woodland floor. This has also allowed young, native trees to become established. Scattered willow line the woodland edge where it borders the River Weaver, and here isolated stands of common reed are present at ground layer. Several springs and seepages emerge on the steep banking, and are associated with dense stands of tall herb including the invasive Himalayan balsam. Volunteers have worked to control this alien species by pulling up the plant and its root, and piling on composting heaps.

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Owley Wood boardwalk

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