Bluebells Poors Wood

Bluebells Poors Wood

Poors Wood Bluebells c. Victoria Kirby

Poors Wood Bluebells c. Victoria Kirby

Poors Wood

Poors Wood

Poors Wood

Poors Wood

Poors Wood

A semi-natural woodland sloping down to the River Weaver


Poors Wood lies adjacent to the River Weaver, Kingsmead
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Know before you go

5 hectares

Entry fee


Walking trails

Please keep to public footpath and towpath, boardwalks traverse parts of the reserve.


The wood can be accessibly viewed from the main footpath above the river, however the boardwalk and trails have steep entrances.


On a lead

When to visit

Opening times

Open at all times

Best time to visit

Spring to Summer

About the reserve

Poors Wood is a semi-natural broadleaved woodland on the steep banks of the River Weaver. The canopy is dominated by ash and sycamore, with frequent beech and English oak. Springs and seepages emerge from within the wood and create damp regions. Hawthorn and holly are present at the shrub layer, and bluebells carpet the woodland floor in spring. An area of willow carr lies on the level ground between the steep woodland and the river. Standing water covers most of this area, and is dominated by crack willow with stands of common reed. There is a small area of grassland adjacent to the wood, with scattered trees and bramble scrub. This area is rich in tall herb species, including common hogweed, willowherbs, creeping thistle and nettle. Flocks of goldfinch can be seen feeding on the thistle seed in late summer.

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