‘Action needed following the Government’s environment plan’ says Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Cheshire Wildlife Trust has welcomed the publication of the 25-year environment plan announced by the Prime Minister today, but says it must turn into actions.

The plan focuses on a number key areas where the Government is aiming to improve the country’s resource efficiency, air and water quality, biodiversity and provide ecological restoration. Whilst the plan has strong ambitions for land and sea, Cheshire Wildlife Trust believes that it does not yet offer the detail required to make these actions happen.

“It’s fantastic to see the Government recognising how important environmental issues are to people, and the plan makes a good start in shaping the issues that need attention,” said Martin Varley, Director of Conservation at Cheshire Wildlife Trust. “But we are concerned about its lack of legal underpinning and mechanisms for putting these ambitions into practice.

seal with net around neck c. Tom Marshall

seal with net around neck c. Tom Marshall

“We are pleased to see a recognition of the need to encourage a love of wildlife from a young age. In order to protect the landscape we know and love, we must foster a passion in future generations. This is something we are active in at Cheshire Wildlife Trust by offering nature-themed activities to over 4000 children each year.

“We also welcome the appreciation of the link between health and wellbeing and the natural environment. For many years our volunteers have been experiencing the benefits of working with wildlife in mind and we continually receive positive feedback on how this has in turn improved their fitness and mental health.

“Of course it goes without saying that a reduction in the amount of plastic we use as a society, which often escapes into the environment causing further harm, is excellent and we look forward to these measures being put in place.

“There must now be an ambitious Environment Act in the next Queen’s Speech, so that this plan becomes more than words and instead becomes direct action.”

The full plan can be seen here