Cheshire Wildlife Trust appeal to people’s love of nature following last weekend’s wildfires, littering and disturbance to wildlife

beach clean 

Thousands of people have enjoyed and sought solace in beautiful countryside and stunning Wildlife Trust nature reserves over the last few weeks. This includes Cheshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves such as Hatchmere and Trentabank which have seen an increase in antisocial behaviour after the lifting of some lockdown rules and the warmer weather.

Some of the damage to the reserves which is creating added pressure on the Trusts resources as well as impacting the wildlife that lives there, include:

  • Portable BBQs and discarded campfires
  • Swimming in lakes and reservoirs which are not safe to swim in
  • Antisocial behaviour – including littering, using wild places as outdoor toilets and vandalism.

Charlotte Harris, CEO of Cheshire Wildlife Trust, says:
“Our nature reserves are local havens for wildlife and people to enjoy, safely and respectfully. We must remember that they’re home to a number of different species, some on the brink of local extinction. We’re appealing to everyone to love and look after it.”

The Wildlife Trusts are asking everyone to love and look after wildlife and wild places by:
•    Avoid BBQs and fires
•    Take all your litter home
•    Keep dogs on leads and pick up dog mess
•    Park considerately