Nature’s recovery needs YOU

Cheshire Wildlife Trust, the region’s leading conservation charity, are hiring for seven new exciting positions within their Nature Recovery team. Ranging from entry level Living Landscape Officers, to Senior Living Landscape Officers, to experienced Programme Managers, if you have the passion and drive to double the amount of wildlife and wild areas in the region, Cheshire Wildlife Trust would like to hear from you.

World leaders will be descending upon the UK in November for COP26, where international approaches to combat climate change will be decided upon nearby in Glasgow. Couple this with the Government committing to a legal requirement for nature’s recovery through an Environment Act, as well as pledging to put 30% of land into protection for wildlife before 2030, and there has never been a more exciting and impactful time to join the cause.

Our natural world is in trouble: 80% of our carbon storing peatlands are damaged; 41% of our insects and pollinators are threatened with extinction; 50% of hedgehogs have been lost from our countryside; and 92% of seagrass beds have been lost around the UK.

However there is still hope. By managing 30% of our land and seas for nature by 2030, we can begin to turn the tide of the ecological and climate emergencies we now face. In Cheshire, 30% equates to doubling the space currently given to wildlife in the region. Double the amount of carbon and water storing trees in the ground. Double the amount of food for our bees and butterflies in wildflower meadows. And double the amount of clean and healthy waterways for our otters and water voles. Could you help them to achieve this?

Cheshire Wildlife Trust are currently hiring for seven people within their growing Nature Recovery team, to deliver work across Cheshire, Halton, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Warrington and Wirral. Successful candidates will be determined to create the change our natural world so desperately needs. As a reward you will spend many days outside in the fresh air, great for physical and mental wellbeing, whilst working with incredible people from all walks of life that share your passion.

Ben Gregory, Area Manager at Cheshire Wildlife Trust says:

“Cheshire Wildlife Trust are looking for passionate and energetic people who share our vision for a Wilder Future. People who can double the space we currently give to nature. Creating and then securing the good management of 30% of land in Cheshire for wildlife will be no easy feat. We need people who can enhance, restore and connect our beautiful natural areas, allowing our native plants and animals the space they need to thrive. We must be ambitious. We cannot fail.

 “My favourite part of working at Cheshire Wildlife Trust is being in a job where you can actually see the differences you’re making for wildlife on a daily basis. I’ll never forget when we dug out a large pond on a farm within Cheshire’s Peak District. Being the Peaks, it was tough going and getting large machinery up the steep slopes was a challenge to say the least. With sunshine and rain showers, we eventually got the work done before the sun began to set over the hills. As I stood back to take in our achievement, I heard the now all too rare “cur-lee” call of a curlew.

“Looking into the air, I saw a pair of curlews circling the newly installed pond, searching for an opportunity to land and begin sifting through the mud for tasty worms and insects. These birds, which have been pushed to near extinction in the many areas in the Peaks, now have a perfect feeding ground that we’ve created. That is why I do what I do.”

Curlew 2

Ben Hall/2020VISION

The Trust needs people to help bring wildlife back. With ambitious, large scale programmes to deliver like their £2.8 million Trees for Climate tree planting project, Cheshire Wildlife Trust require people of all levels. From managing the entire programme, through to actually planting the 280,000 trees that will be going in the ground. Salaries for the roles range from £18,000 for Living Landscape Officers through to £36,000 for experienced Programme Managers.

In the UK we have reached a potential tipping point. Each day brings with it new stories and statistics telling us about the devastation climate change is putting on our world. Luckily we can still make a change. Cheshire Wildlife Trust need more people-power to be able to scale up their work, managing precious wildlife havens, working with landowners and farmers to help them better manage their land and looking after large scale wildlife restoration projects that span Cheshire and beyond.

Ben Gregory continues:

“I speak to plenty of people who are fed up in their job, I’ve been at CWT for nearly 10 years, and although we’ve got a big job to do, the flexible working hours, combined with a friendly working environment and being surrounded by likeminded people who share a passion for the natural world make it a great place to work.  With a natural environment and a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, we want energy and passion that can be refined with on-the-job training and development for the right people.”

“Working for a Wildlife Trust is a job like no other. In collaboration with 46 other Wildlife Trusts around the country, we’re able think nationally, whilst acting locally. To share, learn and grow across the entire movement of people working to bring nature back is a feeling like no other.”

The seven roles are currently open for applications until midnight on Sunday 8th August. 

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