Photography Gift Experience

Photography Gift Experience

Dipper c. Ben Hall

We are delighted to welcome our Vice President, leading wildlife photographer, Ben Hall, to Bickley Hall Farm to run photography gift experiences in 2019.

This course makes an ideal gift for intermediate or experienced photographers who wish to learn from a leading expert to improve their techniques and learn new ones.

Ben Hall Photography Day c. Claire Huxley

Ben Hall Photography Day c. Claire Huxley

Bickley Hall Farm makes a great setting for these workshops, as there is plenty of interest for photographers from wild habitats through to garden and farmland wildlife.

Course leader, Ben Hall is an award winning photographer whose work has appeared in leading wildlife and photography magazines. His reputation has led him to take photographs all over the world, and throughout the course he will tell the tales of his vast experiences.

The morning will be spent learning about Ben’s techniques, with the afternoon being a practical session for people to try out their new skills. Participants will go away inspired, and with a clearer understanding of light, exposure, composition and camera settings.

The course is suitable for intermediate to more experienced photographers. Participants are required to bring their own camera.

Dates available

Friday 12th April 2019

Friday 1st November 2019

The day starts at 10am and runs through until 3.30pm. The price includes a cold buffet lunch and refreshments during the day.

The price for the day is £80 per person.

Minimum age is 18. A maximum of 10 participants share the day.

Book online or call 01948 820728.

Photography class c. Claire Huxley

Photography class c. Claire Huxley