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Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the new government advice, Cheshire Wildlife Trust is suspending,  all volunteer activities and opportunities until further notice.

We are really sorry it has come to this, but it is absolutely crucial that we all follow the advice and stay at home. Even if you think you will not put other people at risk, it is clear that this is not necessarily the case as gates, stiles and petrol pumps can all harbour the virus so please do not go out.

Please be aware this suspension means you will no longer be covered by our insurance policies (personal indemnity and public liability) should you chose to go out whilst the suspension is in place.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this difficult time.

Although I have only been volunteering for a short time I would just like to say I am enjoying it immensely, the difference it’s making to habitat areas and meeting new people and learning all the time. The training has been excellent especially the Mossland Surveying, which I am now involved with. For anybody who enjoys being outside I would definitely recommend volunteering.
Anne Salisbury
Volunteering for the Trust means working in some of the most beautiful parts of Cheshire and the opportunity to get close to the birds and wildlife in the area.
Peter Snape
As a fairly recent graduate I found volunteering really valuable. It enabled me to expand my skillset and I met some fantastic people. I found the practical tasks enabled me to put theory into practice and apply some of the things I’d learnt whilst at University.
My time spent volunteering with CWT stood me in good stead and I managed to secure a job with in the conservation sector this year thanks in part to some of the experience I gained.
James Aycliffe
"After my partner died I became isolated and insular. The satisfaction of learning woodworking skills, using waste wood to craft into saleable items for the Wildlife Trust charity gives me an immense sense of satisfaction. The friendly social banter is definitely a big plus, making Mondays now the highlight of the week."
Julie Morgan
Create for Nature volunteer

In these challenging times our work will still continue to defend local wildlife

We can’t do this without your support so please donate what you can.