Priority species and habitats

Priority species and habitats

Barn owl c. Andy Rouse/2020VISION

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is a term which means 'the variety of life' on Earth, everything from algae to elephants, bacteria to blue whales! This amounts to something between 5 and 30 million species!

Biodiversity also encompasses the genetic variation within species and variation between ecosystems and habitats in which these species live.

We should also remember that the human species in all its variety and the domesticated plants and animals that we have adapted to our needs are also a very influential part of the planet's biodiversity.

The term 'biodiversity' was first used by zoologist E.O. Wilson to summarise the phrase 'biological diversity' when trying to explain the variety of life around (and including) us.

Biodiversity has the same meaning as nature and includes common plants and animals as well as those that are rare.

Priorities for Cheshire's nationally and locally important wildlife

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