Go Wild Get Fit application


Go Wild Get Fit application

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As a volunteer you will be joining a network of over 1,250 like-minded people, who give anything from a few hours to a few days each year to our projects across Cheshire. Go Wild Get Fit is our programme focussed on using the natural environment to aid recovery from mental ill health and provide you with the skills to make that next step in life. Fill out the form below to register your interest in joining the group. Happy volunteering!

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Do you have your own transport?
Are you being referred or is this a self referral?
Did another organisation tell you about this opportunity.
Do you have any physical illnesses or disabilities that you would like to bring to our attention?
Wild Wellbeing is designed for those experiencing mild-moderate mental health illness. What is then nature of your illness?
Though we do not need to know the full details of your illness, please inform us everything that you think would be useful for us to know, or be aware of. We ask this so we can suitably care for you and support you in every way possible.
How long have you experienced mental ill health?
Will you need to bring this medication with you?
Do you have any criminal convictions?
Are you happy to have your photo taken, or story used in promotional material, on our website, in social media or by partner organisations?

Very simply, we couldn’t do what we do without volunteers. Please be patient with us, it can take up to 14 days to register each volunteer. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks please get in touch.

Volunteer Enquiries

Email volunteering@cheshirewt.org.uk
Call 01948 820728

Our natural wellbeing project is funded by Sport England's opportunity fund supported by the National Lottery.