School grounds services


School Grounds Services

Experts in environmental education and landscape work

School children learning about upland ecology as part of Flora of the Fells day, Helvellyn, Lake District NP, Cumbria - Peter Cairns/2020VISION

What we can offer

Here at Cheshire Wildlife Trust we offer a school grounds service, which aims to add a unique, creative and eco-friendly element to your school grounds.

Our aim is to meet the needs of your school and pupils, helping you take  learning  outdoors. Whether it be for immersing children in nature based topics such as life cycles, or simply to enable you to introduce some excitement to the humdrum of a math’s class, we can help you to create a bespoke learning space, tailored to your specific requirements.

We have expertise in both environmental education and landscape contract work, which means we are well placed to help you along every step of the way. From initial planning and design to construction and maintenance, we offer a full solution package.

Feature we can install on your grounds

Outdoor classrooms

A dry, mud-free seating circle, complete with fire circle, removable shelter and soft woodchip floor. Providing enough space for a class of 15 to site together so you can take any topic outside.

Outdoor seating area

(c) Emma Ackerley


Ponds and pond dipping platforms

We can create or restore a pond within your school grounds, where children can discover the wonderful life aquatic. We can also install secure fencing, ensuring children are safely excluded when the pond is not in use.

Pond Dipping Platform

Raised beds

Help children forge connections with the food that they eat by installing raised beds. Perfect for lessons around where food comes from! Or we can plant the raised beds up with flowers to help wildlife in your school grounds.

Raised Beds

Homes for Wildlife

Birds, bats and hedgehog homes
We can turn you grounds into a home for a wide variety of wildlife. From nesting birds, roosts for bats or hedgehog houses, the children will love discovering the wildlife they share their school with.

Wildlife hedging
Bursting with nectar and providing a buffet for caterpillars our wildlife hedges will really boost the wildlife on your site. They can also be used to screen or separate your new outdoor classroom area.

Using Cheshire heritage varieties, we can help your pupils create a space that provides a wealth of food for wildlife and themselves! Perfect to incorporate into baking apple pies, pressing apple juice or eating fresh from the tree.

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