30 Days Wild 2021

30 Days Wild

Join the UK's biggest nature challenge

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The UK’s biggest nature challenge

30 Days Wild is The Wildlife Trusts' annual nature challenge where we ask the nation to do one 'wild' thing a day every day throughout June.

Your daily Random Acts of Wildness can be anything you like - litter-picking, birdwatching, puddle-splashing, you name it! But to help you on your way, The Wildlife Trusts will also provide you with a FREE postal or digital pack of goodies to inspire your wild month - including an activity passport and a wallchart to track your progress. Alongside all of these benefits, taking part in 30 Days Wild is scientifically proven to make you feel happier, healthier, and more connected to nature.

In 2020, more than half a million people got involved, from families and couples, to teachers, care homes and workplaces. Everyone's invited!

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What's on

As well as events happening right here in our region this month, The Wildlife Trust's have lots of great activities, talks and quizzes for you to talk part in during 30 Days Wild this year.

Explore the links below and start planning your wild month!

Our 30 Days Wild Wildlife Champions

This year we're delighted to have three local Wildlife Champions taking part in 30 Days Wild. Toby (10), Aneeshwar (6) and Alex (19) will be taking part this June and sharing all their WILD activities with you! 

They're passionate about wildlife and the natural world. We're very excited for them to show you how connecting with nature can make us all happier and healthier. Find out more about them below and keep you eye on our social media channels for videos, pictures and updates of their 30 Days Wild adventures.

Read more about Toby

Toby and his family have been members of Cheshire Wildlife Trust for years and love taking part in 30 Days Wild every year.

On his blog, Toby's Wildlife Adventures, Toby shares his love for wildlife and the natural world, from exploring nature reserves, sharing tips on how to help local wildlife and even writing to Sir David Attenborough! 

Toby is no stranger to 30 Days Wild and has taken part for years. In previous years he's enjoyed tuning into things he may not have recognised before.

“One of the things that I did last year was going to my local park and smelling all of the different types of flowers,” he says. “I also collected feathers, leaves, sticks, moss, acorns and other things and made my very own wildlife picture. By doing 30 Days Wild you will learn more about the wildlife that lives around you so you can start caring more about nature than you have before. If we all did a little bit more it would really help a lot.”

You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram

Read more about Aneeshwar

Aneeshwar has signed up for the 30-day wild campaign due to start in June and is all ready to share his wonderful encounters with nature. “Wildlife lover never says no to a wild challenge!" he says.

Aneeshwar is a young conservationist and loves to learn fascinating facts about nature. As part of his own “Quit plastic 360” campaign, Aneeshwar shares a short documentaries on nature and wildlife in his own YouTube channel, showcasing how beautiful and clever the wildlife is, and that we should all “save the animals and make sure the world is beautiful”.

You can follow him on YouTubeTwitter and Instagram

Read more about Alex

Alex is a 19 year-old zoology student, conservationist, and wildlife filmmaker with a passion for connecting people with the natural world and inspiring others to make positive change. This has lead to Alex producing and presenting films for a number of conservation organisations including Naturewatch Foundation, UK Youth For Nature, and One voice for Animals UK. He is also a Young Ambassador for both the Cheshire Wildlife Trust and Curlew Action, and he works on the Youth Council for Reserva: the Youth Land Trust and on the Organising Team for UK Youth For Nature. In the future, Alex wants to have a positive, long-lasting impact in the fields of Rewilding and Science Communication.

You can follow Alex on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram

I’m a big fan of 30 Days Wild– I love being part of the surge of enthusiasm that emanates from everyone involved! Get creative and find 30 new ways to be inspired by the beauty of the outdoors and nature or be entertained by trying out new nature activities. It is especially important if you live in the city as nature is all around, just waiting to be found.
Mya-Rose Craig, aka Birdgirl