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A Living Landscape is one of the most ambitious conservation plans in UK history.

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Gowy & Mersey Washlands Living Landscape

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The Wildlife Trusts are working to transform the environment we live in, restoring, recreating and reconnecting wildlife-rich spaces in rural and urban areas by working in partnership with local communities. We want wildlife to thrive, to disperse and re-colonise our landscape so future generations can encounter, experience and enjoy our natural heritage. And so that we can too.

The Wildlife Trusts now have more than 100 Living Landscape schemes around the UK, where nature conservation work is helping to put wildlife back on the map outside our protected nature reserves and with the help of a wide range of partners and communities.

With the onset of climate change, wildlife and society face their biggest challenge yet

Paul Wilkinson, Head of Living Landscapes for the Wildlife Trusts: “This is the future of conservation. With the onset of climate change, wildlife and society face their biggest challenge yet. We have spent 100 years safeguarding wildlife havens. Now we must expand on these and create ‘A Living Landscape’ where our nature reserves are integral parts of wider functioning landscapes and not isolated oases.

“This work is already under way and there is much to do but our large-scale Living Landscape schemes will help to alleviate floods, control pollution and help us cope with extremes of temperature. We have already started to achieve so much and are optimistic about the future because of the many people, partners and communities who share our ambition.”