Responding to the climate emergency

Tackling the Climate Emergancy

Niall Benvie

Our response to the climate emergency

We are facing two inextricably linked crises, the climate emergency and the steady decline of nature. We cannot solve one crisis without tackling the other – nature’s recovery is vital for tackling climate change.

Thriving habitats can safely lock up vast amounts of carbon, while providing other vital benefits that help us adapt, such as flood prevention, clean water and improved health and wellbeing.

But nature in the UK is in a damaged, fragmented state. It is much less able to limit or adapt to climate change, and declining habitats such as peatland and saltmarsh are releasing their stored carbon.

Natural solutions to climate change

For decades, Cheshire Wildlife Trust has been working on the ground to restore nature. We protect and recover important habitats that lock carbon safely away and limit the effects of climate change, including peatland, saltmarsh, fen and woodland.

In response to the climate crisis, Cheshire Wildlife Trusts will:

  • Restore vital habitats and natural climate solutions on a landscape scale
  • Campaign for natural climate solutions and nature’s recovery to be the priority in tackling climate change, such as plans to achieve net zero
  • Advocate for the creation of a national Nature Recovery Network to restore thriving ecosystems and give wildlife space to adapt
  • Promote natural solutions in local decision-making, such as planning, and work to protect them from damaging development and infrastructure projects
  • Connect people with nature to foster and understanding of the natural world as well as promote our health and wellbeing

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Garden signpost: Paul Harris/2020VISION

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